"The Universal Medical Record Search Engine"

UMERSE--the Universal Medical Record Search Engine--was engineered from the ground up to provide an effective and efficient means for searching through clinical data in an electronic medical record system.

UMERSE provides sophisticated yet simple to use tools for searching the clinical documents in the electronic medical record. It dramatically speeds the ability to conduct chart reviews while maintaining the accuracy required to sustain a robust clinical and research environment.

Versatile and useful

UMERSE has supported multiple activities including clinical research, patient recruitment for clinical trials, patient care, quality improvement projects, and even billing. In fact, there are so many uses for UMERSE--almost any situation which requires review of a patient's medical record can benefit from a search using UMERSE.


Loaded with "intelligent" features

UMERSE provides multiple features to help you get your work done faster. It contains an ever-growing compendium of synonyms and acronyms so that, for example, when you type in "pneumonia" it will also suggest "PNA". UMERSE can spell-check your search terms, and it can even look for spelling errors in the documents themselves! Need to limit the date range of the documents? UMERSE can do that. Need to specify the colors for the highlighted search terms? UMERSE can do that too. You can even share your search terms (aka "Bundles") with other users which can help you standardize how your group searches for certain concepts.


Secure and HIPAA compliant

UMERSE was designed from the ground-up to be a secure system and to be compliant with HIPAA regulations, a must when dealing with protected health information (PHI). Users must all have their own accounts, and the system maintains an extensive audit trail of usage so that it is possible to track which patients users were looking through.


Significant time savings

UMERSE saves time. Two surveys of UMERSE users were conducted (in 2008 and 2009), and in both cases the typical user reported an average time savings of about 2.5 hours per day! That leaves plenty of extra time to get other work done or simply to enjoy the benefits of getting work done faster.


A proven track record

UMERSE works. Users of UMERSE have been able to secure NIH grant funding and conduct studies that would not have been possible without the tool. Users have been able to publish and present numerous research studies using the tool as well. For an ever-growing list of these studies, please visit this link. Several groups have actually studied UMERSE and found it to be just as accurate as manual chart review, but requiring only a fraction of the time.